Planning for happiness

Who would have ever thought that we would find ourselves six weeks into a national lockdown due to a global pandemic? The lockdown has been hugely disruptive and has forced many South Africans to re-evaluate their futures.


How do we even plan in a time like this? And how do we decide what is important?


There is no one-size-fits-all solution here as planning generally tends to be a very individualistic activity. A variety of factors influences our plans, including (but not limited to) our goals, our age and our financial means.


South Africans now find themselves in the same boat as every other nation. Covid-19 has changed our world as we know it, including the way we approach our preparations for both our immediate and long term futures.


This ‘new normal’ has resulted in many of us daily experiencing emotions ranging from uncertainty to dread. These are diverse and challenging emotions to navigate at the best of times, and far more so when you’re weeks into a lockdown with no certainty regarding when it will end.


Take the time to acknowledge these emotions but don’t allow them to determine your outlook exclusively. Our happiness is still within our control. What makes you happy? How is your emotional state affected in this time? How are your emotions affecting those around you?


We are in a position where we might have more time on our hands than we usually do.  How do we decide how to fill up this extra time?

Don’t feel guilty to put aside some time for the things that make you happy. Your happiness directly influences your emotions and your wellbeing.  It affects your relationships with those around you.


Realising what makes you happy provides the option of including it in your plans.  What we considered normal has changed, and along with it the way we are affected by our circumstances.  Our personal needs have likely taken a backseat in the past as the demands on our time kept increasing. It’s time to consider that pursuits we may have viewed as expedient or even self-indulgent may just be what we need right now.


We are all deserving of some happiness in our lives. Put yourself in its way – plan for it. 😉