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Home Based Care

Nursing care in the comfort of your own home

Primary Health Care Clinic

Day-to-day healthcare and the first contact of care

Care Centres

Cost effective people oriented approach to revitalize existing infrastructure

What we do
Home based care

Placing and management of home based care workers

Personal Hygiene

Bed bath, Assistance to shower or bath, Dressing client, Mouth care, Eye care, Catheter care, Washing of hair, Cutting of nails and toenails

Special nursing care

Pressure Care, Wound Care, pre-packed medication

Nursing Care

Monitoring and testing of various medical data. Pre-packed medication


Liaison with dietician to ensure correct diet is followed

Non-Nursing Activities

Basic housekeeping and companionship 


Liaison with family members and multidisciplinary team

Nurse Visit

Included is regular nurse visits to ensure the care plan is updated and relevant

Care Centre management

creating unique services for care centres using our combined 50 years experience 

We adjust our service offering to the dynamic needs of retirement villages, creating unique products and service within the village. 

Managing the health services within a village is build on the three board services of Primary Health Care Clinic, Home Based Care and Care Facilities. 

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Certain topics are uncomfortable to think about, like death and illness. Avoiding these topics might place a burden on the people who care the most about you, as they will have to make life changing decisions for you, during an already difficult time.

Talking about what you would prefer during end of life care might be difficult, yet it is an important part of life that should be dealt with as soon as possible.

To help you get started we developed this simple-to-use online form, which will help you identify your own personal feelings and attitudes towards the type of care you would prefer during an advanced illness or diseases