Retire at Home Services

Home based care

Placing and management of trained home based care workers

Personal hygiene

Depending on the needs some activities will include: Bed bath, Assistance to shower or bath, Dressing client, Mouth care, Eye care, Catheter care, Washing of hair, Cutting of nails and toenails

Special nursing care

Monitoring of vital data (e.g. Blood pressure, pulse, respiration etc.), Blood glucose can be done twice a day or daily as required, Testing of urine, Wound care, Administration of pre-packed medication, Intake and output.

Nursing care

Pressure care, Mobilization of patient (e.g. Moving of patient from bed to chair), assistance with walking, Active and passive exercises, Companionship and communication, Keep client comfortable at all times


Liaison with dietician to ensure client receives the correct diet to ensure that the client’s physical and mental functionality is enhanced or improved, Preparation of meals, Feeding of the client

Non Nursing Activities

Making the clients bed and changing bed linen weekly or as often as is required, Cleaning the home, Laundry: doing the washing and ironing, Accompany and assist client when they go shopping, Accompany them when they visit the Doctor or go for medical tests


Where the needs of the client allows for training of the already employed domestic worker to assist with the daily activities


With multidisciplinary team or family members regarding the wellness of the client

Fresh perspective


Retire at Home strives to provide ground breaking products and services to the community. Some of these products and services are developed through partnerships as health care cannot strive in a vacuum.

Assisted Living 

Retire at Home manages various assisted living facilities. Click the link below to view more information about these facilities.

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